We help you make the best impression Offline!

What we do at kudiprint

As of today, the number of Nigerians online is still less than half of the total population (84.3million) and that number is further halved by those who know how to properly use the internet. Individuals and companies who are intentional about their market share increase and the role which brand awareness and conversions play in that, know better than to rely solely on digital marketing and online awareness.

Customers are more likely to make a purchase of your product (either digital or physical) if the brand had earlier been exposed to them offline before the purchase decision is made. Strategically placing your brand on t-shirts, business cards, mugs, notepads, banners, event backdrops, rollup banners will make your brand visible and memorable so that the connection is made and the customer makes an unconscious decision to go for your product the next time a purchase for that kind of product is to be made.

At Kudiprint, we don’t just print; we ensure that you are memorable. We see to it that your brand is remembered before any purchase, that your wedding souvenir tells the unforgettable story of love and wonderful beginnings and that your packaging shows attention to detail and customer-centricity. Our goal is simple: Going forward, any carefully-crafted and well-printed material you see is most likely to be a “kudiprinted” material.