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Product Description

This is a body of letter heads item

In the following instructions, you will see the checklist of what is expected of you before you upload your file for print:

  1. File Format

    Make sure you save your PDF document using the Adobe PDF/X-1a preset in the save option window. This option can be found in in all the latest vector and raster graphics software available.
  2. Colors

    Make sure that you use 4 color ink process (CMYK). Therefore, if you have designed and prepared your artwork in screen colors (RGB), its better you convert it to CMYK. If not, it may appear duller or lacking in contrast when printed.
  3. Resolution

    To get the best print result, the resolution of the artwork should be created at 300dpi, but if we find it legible enough at a resolution less than 300dpi, it will be sent to production.
  4. Fonts & Lines

    All fonts used in the Artwork should be converted into curves/vector/paths, so as to avoid change of font when document is opened. The minimum font size below which we cannot guarantee the best print quality is 8 pt in thickness. Also make sure the lines are not below 0.5 pt in thickness.
  5. Margins & Bleed

    Make sure that you make space for bleed while preparing your Artwork. Leave enough space around your artwork so that when the printed job is being trimmed, important parts of your job, will not get trimmed away as well. Refer to our Template for the best way to implement bleed.
  6. Images

    Make sure that all images used in the Artwork are 300dpi for best quality print outcomes.

Product Specification

Product Name This is the specific type of your selected print product. E.g Double-sided type of business card or A3 sized type of paper shopping bags.
Product Quantity This is the number of copies you can order on any of our print products. There is always a specified minimum for all print products. e.g You can only order a minimum of 100 business cards.
Paper Stock This refers to the paper thickness available for any particular print product. This varies for every of our print products. E.g 600gsm thickness of business card is thicker than 300gsm.
Corner Type This refers to the kind of corner finishing that you prefer for your Cards. This finising option is available for card print products. You can choose either the default straight corner or Rounded corner.